Service and Repair

In Kansas’ harsh winter months, it’s imperative to have a heater that is reliable and efficient. Unfortunately, we often see units fail during the coldest part of the season, when furnaces are working their hardest. If you find yourself shivering and without heat, give us a call! With parts on hand for nearly every year, make, and model of furnace, we’re ready and able to get you back up and running in no time!

Unexpected and potentially dangerous breakdowns can generally be avoided with our annual service checks. Furnaces that aren’t regularly serviced have a greater chance at creating dangerous toxic fumes and poor indoor air quality that could cause carbon monoxide poisoning and illness to you and your family. During seasonal service checks, our technicians do a thorough inspection of your furnace, such as checking for blockages, leaks, proper ignition, and corrosion in wiring. They will also clean the unit of dust and ensure the gas levels are checked and compared to the specifications of the unit. By having a trained eye check and tune-up your unit each year, you’re much less likely to experience an unexpected failure or a potentially dangerous leak. Plus, you will benefit from having a unit that is functioning at its highest efficiency, giving you lower energy bills and a unit that will last.

If you are noticing the temperature in your home is inconsistent or you’re seeing an increase in your energy bills, it might be time to consider a replacement unit. We offer furnaces for all different home sizes and budgets. Give Butler County Heating and Air Conditioning a call today to schedule a free consultation!